Pay Off Faster

How is this possible?
Today’s rates are still at historic lows, but they won’t stay there much longer. This provides a great opportunity to shave off years from your loan, saving you time and money. Our 15-year fixed rate loan is one of the best options available to home buyers looking to own their home in a flash. In a few simple ways that might not mean much to you at the time but once you have paid for a few years you will see a noticeable difference.

  • By rounding up payments and adding a little extra to your payment each month
  • Refinancing to a short term loan
  • Refinance to a lower interest rate decreasing your required monthly payment, but still pay the same amount as before.

By fallowing these few ideas you could be applying more to your principal each month working that core down faster.

How can we help?

We will be able to evaluate your current financial status, and then provide a list of options available to you with our quick and easy process at no cost to you.

Still need convincing?

Use our payoff loan calculator to help you decide if a shorter-term loan can work for you.  Or give us a call to discuss your options.