Move Up Buyer

There are many reasons to sell and buy a “move-up” home:

  • Your current home no longer meets needs or wants
  • Additional income
  • Growing family and a need for more space
  • Different desired location
  • New job or relocation
  • More desirable school district
  • Wanting the perfect retirement home
  • Current home value has increased, adding to equity and allowing to move-up
  • Take advantage of low interest rates and current market

We’ve heard all these reasons, and many more. We know each situation provides a multitude of reasons.  Now that you are ready, let us help. Contact us here. And read some helpful tips in the tab named “Tips.”


 We recognize that selling your existing home and buying your new home can be a bit of a challenge.

Here are some tips we recommend when moving up.

  1. Get loan pre-approval or pre-qualified (Link to application) for a new mortgage.
  2. Ask us for our preferred Realtor list, or select an experienced real estate professional you know.
  3. Work with your Realtor to get your current house ready to sell. Get a market analysis and price it right.
  4. Determine your budget for the costs of your new home. Consider that utilities might be higher, or there may be an HOA with monthly fees, where you may not have had that expense previously.
  5. Ask us about options for down payments, when you are depending on the sale of your house for the down payment (equity loan, contingencies, etc.) We also have organizational tools for budgeting, and moving for you.